Healthy Aging

“Aging isn’t for the weak.” How many times have we heard this quote recited to us by those in our lives who are aging themselves? This quote is repeated time and time again and we want to assure this timeless anecdote doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

Prevention is a key player in assuring we age gracefully. The foods you eat, the amount of active time you have a day, and regular health screenings are all apart of preventative care that can assure a healthy lifestyle is maintained as time continues to march onward.

One tip for attaining a healthier diet is to eat nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, and avoid highly processed foods. A majority of adults in the U.S. consume more than double the recommended daily amount of sodium, (American Heart Association), which can lead to cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Don’t forget to read the labels of what you’re consuming. Most people are surprised to learn the amount of sugar and sodium in the foods they eat everyday.

Staying active can be difficult but incorporating movement into your routine might be easier than you think. The first step in maintaining an active body is to not commit to a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure you’re moving at least once an hour. While at the office, this can mean getting up and stretching for a minute or two. You might consider going for a walk during your lunch break. For Bandera residents, this could be as easy as visiting the Nagel Clinic walking track for a few minutes during your lunch hour.

Regular health screenings may seem like a tiresome and repetitive task but they will pay off in the long-term. Many health issues can be diagnosed and treated early if preventative care is regularly sought. The Nagel Clinic offers a wide array of preventative care options to our patients. For more information, give us a call at 830-796-3448 or visit our patient information page.

Aging doesn’t have to be a downhill battle. With the right preventative action and care, your older years can be spent enjoying your hard earned retirement.