RiskBusters Program: Our Health Education Program

Be well-informed about your body and achieve positive health outcomes with our RiskBusters health education program.

Effective Health Education Programs

Going for medical checkups and receiving treatment isn’t the end of health care. A lifestyle change is crucial to lower the chances of getting ill and improve your well-being. If you want to maintain optimal health, Arthur Nagel Community Clinic can help.

Risk factors include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking

Our health educators help patients change unhealthy behaviors. We refer patients to RiskBusters during their primary care consultation or based on the results of health questionnaires.

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Our RiskBusters Program Includes:

Nutrition-Rich Cooking Demonstrations
Eating the right foods can better your physical and mental well-being, protecting you against health issues. It’s why you need a dependable nutrition plan. Our Clinic offers wholesome cooking demonstrations at the H-E-B Teaching Kitchen to provide good nutritional recipes to our patients.

Cardio-Focused Exercise
Cardio exercises are essential for good health. They help keep your heart and lungs healthy. We offer cardio exercise programs to help you lose weight and reduce your risk for chronic illnesses.

Nutritional Grocery Shopping Classes
Nutrition is vital for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. We understand that leading a healthy lifestyle starts at the grocery store. We offer informative grocery shopping programs for this reason. Our health education classes can help incorporate a nutritious diet into your day-to-day life.

Integrated Behavioral Health
In 2021, the Clinic added integrated Mind | Body | Spirit | Counseling in Bandera County, Texas. Today, participants work with counselors to help change unhealthy behaviors and address underlying contributing health risks such as anxiety and depression.

Health and Wellness Events
We host fairs and events to teach residents of Bandera County how to improve their wellness.

Why Choose Us?

We’re committed to empowering patients to live healthier lives through the RiskBusters program at Arthur Nagel Community Clinic. We have a team of experts who offer personalized lessons based on your health assessments. Our goal is to improve their physical and mental health.

Be in the Know with RiskBusters Health Education Program

Need quality health education? Arthur Nagel Community Clinic has got you covered. From cardio to nutritional classes, our RiskBusters program is customized to suit your needs. Get in touch to learn more about this program.

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