Management & Staff


Susan Broa , Healthcare Coordinator & RiskBusters Program Manager
Angelica Hernandez, Reception & Translation Services
Chuck Lutke, Executive Director
Cassie Pimpinella, Prescription Assistance Program Manager
Patti Raab, Laboratory Services Manager
Sarah Terrazas, Communications Coordinator
Deborah Zacheus, R.N. & F.N.P.C., Primary Care Provider


Cynthia Anderson, L.P.C., IBH Counselor
Bill Beall, P.A., Primary Care Provider
Donna Carrasco, L.P.C., N.C.C. & C.A.R.T., IBH Counselor
Cesar Fernandez, Information Technology
Sandra Haldeman, M.D., Gynecologist
James Hernandez, Video Production
Kymme Simchak, Health Information Technology & Volunteer Services
Kaite Totten, Accountant


Mercedes Anderson, Reception & Translation Services
Saleh Jaafar, M.D., Medical Director
Sue Stain, Reception
Linda Vos, C.L.T. & M.L.T., Laboratory Services

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