Medical Programs

Primary Care Program

This is the Clinic’s cornerstone program for the treatment of illness or injury, provided by our staff of professional doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Should other issues arise during treatment, such as chronic disease, diabetes, hypertension or other such issues, a referral may be made to one of the Clinic’s other programs for further evaluation and care.


Bill Beall, PA
Barbara Dauerty, PA-C, MPAS

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Well-Woman Examinations

The Clinic’s Well-Woman Program provides a combination of primary and preventative care that focuses on gender-specific issues including reproductive health, pregnancy tests, birth control advice, screening and treatment of STDs, screening for cervical, breast, skin and colon cancer, treatment and prevention of diabetes, and heart disease.


Sandra Haldeman, M.D.

Nagel Clinic Mens Health

Men’s Health Examinations

The Men’s Health Program includes PSA Testing, a blood test that screens for prostate cancer, as well as skin, colon and testicular cancer screening. Other treatments pertain to heart disease and diabetes and mental health wellness. Given that more women than men seek Clinic services, ANCC specifically plans to increase awareness and acceptability of treatment among male residents.


Bill Beall, PA

Mind Body Spirit Counseling

With the knowledge that mental health is equally as important as physical health, the Clinic’s comprehensive Mind Body Spirit Counseling services provide counseling for patients using Primary Care Program questionnaires.

According to a 2017 National Survey of Drug Use and Mental Health administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), close to 19% of all rural residents suffer from some form of mental illness. The stigma associated with behavioral health consultation and treatment only underscores the importance of having a local, trusted treatment option, which the Clinic provides.

Through use of the patient surveys, the goal of the program is to increase access for depression and anxiety-related programing, as well as provide increased opportunities for referral to counselling services.


Donna Carrasco, LPC, NCC, CART

Prescription Assistance

This program links pharmaceutical product donations with patients for access to no-cost or dramatically discounted medications for the treatment of various conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure irregularities, and many more. The Clinic does not store or supply any narcotics.

riskbusters health program nagel community clinic

Health Education & RiskBusters

RiskBusters provides patients, and the community-at-large, with healthy lifestyle classes. These include nutrition-rich cooking demonstrations in the Clinic’s H-E-B Teaching Kitchen, cardio-focused exercise and nutritional grocery shopping classes. County-wide health and wellness fairs and events are also part of the program. Patients are typically referred to RiskBusters during their Primary Care visit, or based on the results of health questionnaires. Patients may have a variety of risk factors: high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, or smoking. Last year, the Clinic added Integrated Behavioral Health. Today, participants work with counselors to help change unhealthy behaviors and address underlying contributing health risks such as anxiety and depression.

This program has seen the greatest growth in its exercise programs and we expect the trend to continue.

Elder Care Program

The Elder Care Program is a specialized segment of the Clinic’s primary care that will focus on medical issues and diseases associated with aging. The program focuses specifically on falls prevention, screening for cognitive impairment, sleep issues, medication management, overall mental health, diet and exercise for patients aged 60+.

Nagel Clinic T.E.E.N Summer Program


T.E.E.N is an interactive summer program for youth facilitated by a Clinic IBH counselor, which explores adolescent development in the areas of Thought, Emotion, Exercise and Nutrition. Relevant topics have included bullying, screen time, family dynamics, etc.

Lakehills Satellite Clinic

We’re thrilled to bring our primary care services to the Lakehills area. Our Lakehills Clinic has resumed operations! The Clinic will operate inside the Lakehills Community Center on the first and third Mondays of each month from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Community Center is located at 11225 PR 37, in Lakehills near the northwest shores of Medina Lake. Click here for more information.