Men's Health Screening: Preventive Health Exams for Men

Put your health first and achieve optimal vigor with our advanced men’s health screening.

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Detecting symptoms of health conditions early is an essential factor in helping men stay healthy. Yet, most men do not seek clinical services, leading to serious diagnoses and shorter life spans. Regular screenings can curb these unfortunate realities. We make it easy and at no-cost to you thanks to private donations.

At Arthur Nagel Community Clinic in Bandera County TX, we offer in-depth Men’s Health examinations to help reveal and treat any unidentified threats to your well-being.

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Our Men’s Health Services

PSA Testing
We offer comprehensive blood tests that screen for prostate cancer. The test measures the blood level of a particular protein that can be prominent in men with prostate cancer.

Colon, Skin, and Testicular Cancer Screening
Prostate cancer screenings are important. Just as important are screenings for testicular, colon, and skin cancer, which are also available.

Heart Disease Examinations
We provide customized heart screenings to evaluate your risk for heart disease at its initial and most treatable stage.

Diabetes Examinations
Our Clinic can facilitate regular blood pressure checks as well as other key indicators of early onset diabetes, an issue common to many men living in rural settings. If you are diabetic, we provide expert help on how to fully manage it.


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Men’s Mental Health Checks

As a man, you shouldn’t ignore your mental health. Visit our Clinic for expert mental health screenings. Our assessments help decide what kind of support you need.

Why Choose Us?

Arthur Nagel Community Clinic provides reliable, professional, and affordable health examinations for men. We have years of experience and expertise to offer comprehensive health checks and optimal support to help you live a healthier life. Our tailored screenings are also confidential to put your mind at ease.

Advanced Men’s Health Screening in Bandera County, Texas

Need health examinations for men? Look no further than Arthur Nagel Community Clinic. Whether it’s a routine exam or a specific health concern, call or visit our Clinic to get the tests done. Get in touch to learn more.

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