Walking Towards a Healthier You

Walking to your desk, to the copier, and out to your car – does this sound like your daily walking routing? For many Americans this type of schedule is a reality, which is why most of them will experience negative health effects later in life. Increased loss of mobility and declining health are just two of the many drawbacks to leading a mostly sedentary life. Most people consider the walking they do around the office to be adequate but in reality, it’s not nearly enough to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. The American Diabetes Association advises that walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week can drastically reduce your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Your cardiovascular system isn’t the only part of your body that will feel the positive effects of walking. Walking regularly is also linked to improved gastric mobility. Your stomach is able to better digest foods as you move around consistently throughout the day. Along with improved digestion, there are other physical benefits that are quite enticing. As we age, our risk for varicose veins increases.  Walking can help combat this development. The director of the Vein Treatment Center in New York City, Luis Navarro, MD, elaborates, “…walking strengthens and preserves leg muscle, which boosts healthy blood flow. If you already suffer with varicose veins, daily walking can help ease related swelling and restlessness in your legs.”


Obtaining these positive effects can only happen once you begin walking on a regular basis. It can be an especially difficult and daunting task if you haven’t exercised for a while. A 30-minute walk, once a day offers benefits that you will be reaping for years to come. Maintaining this routine can be difficult but we’re here to help. Our walking track, located between the Clinic and the Helping Hands Event Center, is the perfect place to relax and complete your 30-minute walk. The walking track is open from 8a-5p, Monday-Friday. It’s the perfect midday getaway for those looking to make the most of their lunch hour. Extend your daily walking distance further than the space between your desk and the copier. Get moving and begin claiming the many health benefits that could be yours through walking.