Preventative Care: What to Expect at a Flu Shot Appointment

Did you know that there were almost 200 million doses of the seasonal flu vaccine distributed in the 2020-2021 time frame? With numbers like that, it’s clear that the flu shot is widely available. Over the past few years, the number of flu cases has declined due to mask mandates. However, with the pandemic coming to an end, the number of flu cases is likely to increase. 

Read on to learn more about preventative care and what you can expect from a flu shot appointment. 

Why is Preventative Care Important? 

Preventative care is important because it can help you avoid a major healthcare issue down the line, which will impact you mentally and physically as well. This hasn’t always been a major focus, but with changing views on drug use and mental health, as well as an emphasis on healthy aging, that’s changing. A major factor driving this is the expanded access to health clinics, addiction counseling, and mental health services. 

The flu shot is part of preventative care. In the last year before the pandemic, there were hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of fatalities resulting from the flu.  

What to Expect From a Flu Shot Appointment?

The experience could vary depending on whether you get your vaccine from a private supplier or free healthcare clinic. Some things to consider about a flu shot include:

Scheduling Your Visit

The first factor is whether or not your desired location accepts walk-ins or requires an appointment. With a large number of individuals still getting their covid vaccines or booster shots, having to schedule in advance is becoming more commonplace.

Covid Restrictions

Even with the pandemic largely behind us, many healthcare facilities are still keeping protocols in place. When scheduling your visit, it is likely that not having any symptoms is a requirement for entry. Even with no symptoms, wearing a mask or even keeping a safe distance may still be required.

What to Bring

If you have insurance, you’ll need to bring your insurance card. If you don’t have insurance or plan to pay out-of-pocket, be sure that you bring your payment. If cost is an issue, many communities have free healthcare clinics that provide shots. 

Measuring Vitals

You may have your vitals taken before the shot. These non-invasive procedures include taking your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. None of these readings should impact getting the shot.

Residency and Income

If you’re looking at our community healthcare Clinic, there are other requirements. You must be enrolled with the Clinic by showing proof of residency and income to qualify for treatment.

Are You Ready to Make Your Flu Shot Appointment?

Now that you know what goes into a flu shot appointment, what are you waiting for? ENROLL NOW! A flu shot is an essential part of preventative care and helps you avoid a serious illness or costly hospital stay. Always review the requirements of your desired healthcare provider so that you are not caught by surprise. 

If you live in Bandera County and need to make a flu shot appointment, contact us to get started.