Overcoming Addiction: A Guide

Addiction is not something that gets spoken about enough. With 19.7 million Americans suffering from different types of substance addictions, we’re all too quick to sweep it under the rug. 

Overcoming addiction is a task that those who suffer struggle with. It takes both bravery and support to find the right type of treatment options that work for the individual with the problem. 

If you or someone you know is looking for support and recovery, we can help with an overview of the process it takes to overcome addiction. Continue reading below for key aspects that will go into the treatment and recovery process. 

Recognize That Help Is Needed

One of the most important parts of detox and recovery is recognizing that there is a problem that needs attention. This is one of the hardest things to admit. Addiction in its forms presents a crutch that makes the individual feel better for a little while, there even might be a denial that there is a problem. 

Only once the problem is recognized can the recovery process be started. 

Contact a Treatment Center

Contacting a clinic or treatment center is going to be one of the best decisions that can be made. Many will offer different types of services to help with the recovery and treatment process. Detoxification can be scary and difficult to go through, further assistance is suggested. 

Listen to all of your physician’s suggestions when it comes to recovery and treatment. The process of treatment and seeking help is a step that must be taken in recovery.

Have a Support System in Place

Relying on your support system will make the recovery process easier. Let your support system be there for you while you navigate both recovery and your new life after addiction. Devising a plan with them gives you the best possible transition. 

Identify your triggers and speak openly about what can be done to avoid them. 

Give Yourself Grace

Recovery is not something that happens overnight. Punishing yourself, in the beginning, isn’t going to help you to work through your addictions. Be ready to work hard and even fail at times. 

When it comes to overcoming an addiction, the process is never one that can be done without your own belief in yourself. Make the decision for yourself that it’s time to overcome your addiction and work through it at a pace that is comfortable and adherent to your own plans. 

Keep in mind that mental health can play a large factor in your recovery process. 

Overcoming Addiction Isn’t Easy

When it comes to overcoming addiction there are plenty of factors to look at and consider. These situations are not ones that simply go away overnight. There is a constant fight when it comes to recovery. 

Find a support system that will help guide you through the whole process. 

Our Clinic is Bandera County’s only charitable safety net health care organization for qualifying, low-income uninsured residents age 12 and older. To find out if you qualify and for further help with discussing the benefits of treatment and the options you have, we’re here to help you. Contact us to get started with your recovery process. We want to see you succeed in all of your recovery endeavors.