Meet Volunteer Susan Stain

Merriam-Webster defines a volunteer as: “a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.” Volunteering is in and of itself, an act of selflessness. You are donating your time and knowledge for the greater good of others. This is an act we see often during natural disasters and other terrible events but what about those who volunteer year-round? These “gems” are sometimes hard to find but they do often shine at just the right moment. The Nagel Clinic is proud to say they have the pleasure of knowing and benefiting from a few of those gems.

The Nagel Clinic has a few of these gems volunteering with them on a regular basis. One of their veteran volunteers, Susan Stain, has been volunteering at the Clinic as a receptionist since 2014. Susan and her husband Tom (a member of the Clinic’s Board of Directors), moved to Bandera in 2013 and it didn’t take long for Susan to jump in and start giving her time to the Clinic. She firmly believes in the Clinic’s cause and had this to say about what the Clinic does for Bandera County residents, “Sometimes they [patients] break down crying right there because they had given up hope on finding somewhere to receive medical care without insurance. It brings me such joy to be a part of the process that brings that medical care to them.”

Susan is quite often the first face that most of the Clinic’s patients see. At the forefront of the Clinic in reception, Susan greets the patients and helps get them started with the paperwork necessary to begin their healthcare process. She does this and so much more on a daily basis, and the Clinic is very grateful to Susan for giving her time and knowledge to the Clinic for five years now. When asked about the staff at Nagel Clinic, Susan said “They communicate so well with each other and treat each other like family.”