Experience is the Best Teacher

They say that health is wealth and knowledge is power. In our case, expertise on all matters of health springs from a wealth of knowledge belonging to our longstanding professional staff. Adding to this abundance of knowledge is our outstanding Physician Assistant, Bill Beall.


As a retired Vietnam-era military veteran, Bill brings more than 40 years of field medic and community health practice experience to his work. In is role with the Clinic, his focus is primary care: helping patients with simple problems and recognizing when more comprehensive care is needed. If more specialized care is required, Bill makes a referral out to a number of area specialty doctors to see to the patients’ needs.


Beginning Monday, June 3, Bill will be the primary care provider for our satellite clinic housed at the Lakehills Civic Center. There he will see new and existing patients of the Nagel Clinic at a location that may be much closer to where they live. Lakehills and Pipe Creek comprise the largest population center in Bandera County.


When he is not working at the Nagel Clinic, Bill is a primary care provider at the busy Corazon Clinic associated with Travis Park Methodist Church in downtown San Antonio. There he helps provide healthcare to homeless, mentally impaired, underprivileged residents of the downtown area. Corazon Clinic operates only from 8:00 am to noon on Sundays, but Bill routinely sees between 35-45 patients on each of those days. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle for these often street-dwelling individuals can be a time-intensive and often lengthy process. Bill says that he will give his patients tasks or goals that need to be adhered to until he sees them next. “I let the patient know the overall plan, how we’re going to start, and what needs to be done by them between appointments,” said Bill.  “Their own participation in their wellness is the key.”


Although most medical professionals follow this practice of setting goals and informing patients of what needs to be done to improve, there are many patients who don’t move forward with the plan, endangering their progress and their health. No matter how much your doctor wants to help you, he or she cannot do it all alone. The patient has to follow through with strategies, diets, and exercise plans discussed at appointments.


Health is wealth and the Nagel Clinic staff is eager to help you increase your wealth. Begin benefitting from the extensive knowledge of the Nagel Clinic professional staff today. For more information or to make an appointment, call (830) 796-3448 or visit our patient information page.