Mission and History

The Vision and Mission

Our Vision: To provide healthy living for every person.

Our Mission: To improve Bandera County health by providing medical care to eligible residents and promoting health education.

The mission and vision of Arthur Nagel Community Clinic (ANCC) is to improve the health of people living in Bandera County, Texas. Like many rural communities, the closest area hospital is a great distance away (an hour to San Antonio or 30 minutes to Kerrville). This presents a hardship for those without reliable transportation, sufficient financial means or schedules that permit lengthy doctor visits. As a result, these rural area residents too often ignore health problems until they reach crisis levels and then turn to urban emergency rooms to receive treatment. To answer this need, ANCC provides services locally, in the center of the community, for the area's most vulnerable populations. 

The Beginning

Bandera County Helping Hand had dreamed of a medical clinic for Bandera County as early as 2003.  That was when Camilla Rue, Helping Hand Board President, first mentioned the idea of a free Clinic for the community. 

Enter Arthur Nagel

Mr. Nagel was on a trip through the Texas Hill Country when he discovered that Bandera County did not have a hospital.  He visited a church and was led to Helping Hand, where Mr. Nagel shared his dream of a clinic for low-income residents of Bandera County who did not have health insurance.  Since that was the Helping Hand dream, the Clinic was born.  With his leadership gift to build the Clinic, it was named in honor of Arthur Nagel.  Planning, fundraising, and more planning, finally construction began on the medical Clinic in August 2007, with completion in early 2008.  Prior to opening the Clinic in May 2008, it became an independent non-profit organization with its own board of directors. 

If you were one of the many individuals who help create the Clinic, you're invited to tell your story.  Write the Clinic at info@nagelclinic.org to tell your story.


Founded in Bandera, Texas in 2008 by Texas Hill Country businessman Arthur W. Nagel and other concerned, community-minded friends, Arthur Nagel Community Clinic (ANCC) is the only 501(c)(3), nonprofit service provider of low-cost primary and preventive healthcare for low-income, medically underserved Bandera County residents aged 12 and older.  In addition, the Clinic provides integrated behavioral health services (mental health counseling), prescription assistance, and healthy lifestyle classes.  Over the past ten years, ANCC has invested more than $7 million in helping the area’s neediest families, treating 2,700 unduplicated patients with 18,900 separate medical and health education services.

Nearly 15% of those living in Bandera County, or roughly 3,350 individuals based on July 2017 estimates, have incomes at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, making them eligible for ANCC services and programs.  Last year, the Clinic’s two full-time and six part-time employees booked 3,083 appointments for 562 unduplicated patients.  Every patient received primary care services, and 75% participated in additional preventative care programs such as Well Woman and Men’s Health assessments.  The Clinic is actively seeking ways to reach as many of the remaining 2,800 eligible individuals as possible, through new and targeted programs.  Starting in June 2018, the Clinic will add an Elder Care program focusing on geriatric issues, and T.E.E.N, a program providing medical and behavior health care for patients 12 to 18 years of age.

Arthur Nagel Community Clinic believes that every person deserves good health and well-being.  The Clinic’s programs and services actively promote dignity and self-respect for all.  In 2017, nearly $1.2 million in services and medications were provided with an operational budget of $530,600


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