Mission and History

The Vision and Mission

The vision of the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic is  healthier lives across Bandera County.  The mission, that will lead to the vision, is to improve Bandera County health by providing medical care to eligible residents and promoting health education.

For underserved residents of Bandera County, the Clinic provides primary and preventive medical care, mental health services, and offers referral services for dental needs and care beyond the scope of the Clinic.  The Clinic provides health education for any Bandera County resident and invites everyone to attend health fairs, exercise classes, cooking demonstrations, and more. 

The Beginning

Bandera County Helping Hand had dreamed of a medical clinic for Bandera County as early as 2003.  That was when Camilla Rue, Helping Hand Board President, first mentioned the idea of a free Clinic for the community. 

Enter Arthur Nagel

Mr. Nagel was on a trip through the Texas Hill Country when he discovered that Bandera County did not have a hospital.  He visited a church and was led to Helping Hand, where Mr. Nagel shared his dream of a clinic for low-income residents of Bandera County who did not have health insurance.  Since that was the Helping Hand dream, the Clinic was born.  With his leadership gift to build the Clinic, it was named in honor of Arthur Nagel.  Planning, fundraising, and more planning, finally construction began on the medical Clinic in August 2007, with completion in early 2008.  Prior to opening the Clinic in May 2008, it became an independent non-profit organization with its own board of directors. 

If you were one of the many individuals who help create the Clinic, you're invited to tell your story.  Write the Clinic at info@nagelclinic.org to tell your story.

The Clinic Today

Since its opening, the Clinic has undergone a major expansion and today is a wonderful facility that provides free healthcare to low-income, underserved residents of Bandera County.  By 2016, the Clinic was seeing more than 500 patients at more than 3,000 appointments.  Through its many programs, the Clinic provided nearly $1.2 million in services in 2016, with a budget of $530,600.  The Clinic works diligently with foundations, medical care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and individuals like you to provide this care in the community.  The Clinic is supported by a dedicated cadre of volunteers and donors.  As you can see, the Clinic stretches its many gifts it receives to provide valuable care in the community.


  • Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
    Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
  • Methodist Healthcare Ministries

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