Counseling/Integrated Behavioral Health

Have you ever said that your kids or your job or your spouse is driving you crazy?  You probably said that without thinking . . . it is a common phrase. 

But if you'd like to talk to someone about the stresses in your life, the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic is now providing Integrated Behavioral Healthcare.  That's medical language for counseling at the clinic.  It is sometimes called Mental Health Care.  What it means that if you would like to see a counselor, the clinic can provide that service for you.

Why is the clinic starting to provide counseling services?  In the words of the funder who is helping provide this service at the clinic, "Very few people need help all the time, but 100% of us need help once in a while."   Because this program is new at the clinic, the funder has requested that staff offer this service to as many people as possible.  If you aren't interested, just say no.  But if you'd like to speak with a professional, please let the clinic staff know!

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