Healthy Eating

What is healthy eating?  Hmmmm.  That is a difficult question to answer. 

There are many answers, but all come down to a phrase you may know:  You are what you eat. 

Think about your diet.  Could you change something to be healthier?   There are almost as many options as there are people. 

  • Eat less fat
  • Eat less sugar
  • Eat less fast food and fewer packaged foods
  • Cut down on red meat and dairy products
  • Eat more fruit and veggies
  • Eat only fruit and veggies
  • Eat more whole grains

Arthur Nagel Community Clinic can help you figure out what works for you.  You can be part of the shopping, cooking, eating education program at the clinic called Eating with Arthur.  Discover how you can make healthier choices.  Call the clinic at 830-796-3448 to find out if there are any cooking classes scheduled.

Look below to discover some different ideas about eating.  And if you see something interesting when you're online, let the clinic know to include it here.

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