Active Living

What is active living?  Hmmmm.  Everyone seems to have a different answer.  According to Nike, you should "Just Do It."

Most of us, even those of us with a couch potato lifestyle, know that moving is healthier than sitting.  You don't have to join a gym.  You can mow the lawn, vacuum the house, or do anything that makes your heart beat a little faster.  Many people walk or run--something you can do on the rubberized trail right in front of the clinic at Village of Hope.  There are many local organizations that give you an opportunity to exercise.

Arthur on the Move . . . the clinic's exercise program takes place twice each week.  Schedule updates are located on the Events page.

Silver Sage . . . has weekly programs.  Check out their website for information

If you know of another place you can exercise, please let the clinic know so we can post it here.

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