What We Do

The Arthur Nagel Community Clinic is here to serve underserved, low-income residents of Bandera County.  The Clinic is here to be a healthcare home for all those who qualify for care.


With the goal of improving health in Bandera County, success is defined in many ways. The Clinic staff see success one patient at a time, providing the care needed for better health.  Many of the Clinic's funders look at other measures:  how many patients are served, how many appointments are provided, and even looking at the impact of care on measures of health for things like weight, blood pressure, and more.  The funders also look at the quality of programs and services that are delivered by dedicated staff, caring volunteers, responsible patients, and generous donors like you.

  • Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
    Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
  • Methodist Healthcare Ministries

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